UPCOMING:         Souped Up at Gallery TPW, Toronto        /         YTB at Momentum 12 in Moss, Norway

Marsya Maharani




YTB Gallery
563 Dundas Street East, Suite 201
May 20 - June 11, 2016

Works by Rajni Perera, Lido Pimienta Aubyn O’Grady (League of Lady Wrestlers), Rouzbeh Akhbari, Maya Ben David, Diana Hossein, Nyssa Komorowski, Tau Lewi, Tsēma Tamara Skubovius, Aman Sandhu, Daniele Denni, Sarah D’angelo, jes sachse, Dorica Manue, Sonali Menezes, Oreka James, Curtia Wrigh, Franco Arcieri, Rebecca Noone, Pablo Muño, Alvis Parsley, Jeff Bierk, Gillian Dykeman, Annyen Lam, jj Chau, Whitney Wong, Shanna Van Maurik, Meryl Macmaster, Sean Martindal, Stefan Herda, Robert Anthony O’Hallora, Jesi the Younger

Co-curated with YTB Gallery

FUTURE 33 presents the work of 33 Toronto artists who are currently producing compelling, relevant artwork. The exhibition features those who we believe will redefine the landscape of both the local and international art scene.

YTB Gallery’s eight members selected a total of 33 artists amongst them. The non-hierarchical approach allows for a unique selection of artists, which resonates with each board member’s individual practice, and allows for a much wider scope of disciplines and perspectives. Here we see well-established names alongside emerging artists from all over the Greater Toronto Area. By hosting FUTURE 33, we are showcasing work by our generation with a mix of curatorial voices.

As major Toronto art institutions such as MOCA and the AGO redefine their relationship to the city through future large-scale exhibitions about Toronto, YTB gallery is adding the voice of Toronto's largest generation of artists yet. Our goal is to influence these institutions to discover and support a new brand of artists.